The next Outriders patch improves matchmaking and fixes various bugs


Outriders: People Can Fly places next Thursday for the arrival of this patch that will implement important improvements in matchmaking. The success of Outriders, which has even led Square Enix to think of this IP as a new franchise with a future, has led People Can Fly to continue working on numerous enhancements as well as significant additional content. Despite a somewhat hesitant start, it was able to accelerate to a considerable number of players, so updates have been happening since its launch last April. The next one will actually arrive next Thursday -that is the intention of the study at least-, and will include a good number of solutions to various errors that still linger.

Matchmaking, the main beneficiary

One of the most important solutions is to improve matchmaking, reducing the chances of being paired with what People Can Fly have called “AFK players”. These are players who are not interacting with the game, who, after two minutes in that state, will be eliminated from the matchmaking queue. They point out that yes, those who are interacting with NPC, configuring skills, mods or builds will not be considered AFK, unless in fact they have spent two minutes in a menu or in a dialogue being inactive.

In addition to this important addition that will significantly affect the game, People Can Fly will add several bug fixes or descriptions of objects or abilities, which can be read in the full notes whose link we leave a little below.

There are several reasons for the good reception of Outriders, despite, as we said before, a startup where it suffered severe problems with its servers. On the one hand, the launch of a demo -still available- before its arrival served to convince the players of its virtues, among which are, as we mentioned in its analysis, a gameplay full of action and frenzy, nothing strange when We are talking about the creators of Gears of War Judgment or Bulletstorm, among others. On the other hand, its inclusion from the first day in Xbox Game Pass served so that subscribers of this service could play it without having to pay its full price. Thus, it has been able to reach the not inconsiderable figure of 3.5 million players in its first month on the market.


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