The next MultiVersus patch will be “one of the biggest”


MultiVersus has grown a lot since the closed alpha version of the game was launched at the beginning of the year. Considering that when the MultiVersus gameplay was first introduced earlier this year, little was known about this platformer, how much the game has grown in just six months is impressive. But while MultiVersus is at the stage of open beta testing, there is still a lot of work to be done on new features, characters and much more.

Now MultiVersus game director Tony Huhne is discussing the next big changes that will happen in the game. Huynh is often active on social media, answering questions from fans and showing off the latest additions to Multiverse, including things like his first real combat pass. The latest update for MultiVersus is scheduled for next week, and although some fans were hoping that the Store and Guild features would appear in this patch, it seems they are still a long way off.

Currently, when viewing the main menu of MultiVersus, two parameters are grayed out. These options will redirect the player to the game’s page in the store, where, presumably, the player will be able to purchase cosmetics for his characters in Multiverse either for Gleamium or for in-game gold. The guild function is a little less clear, but, in fact, it will allow MultiVersus players to create their own groups, which, as many predict, will lead to large in-game rewards. It is important to note that these settings have not been canceled, but Hayne stated on Twitter that the Player First Games team is focused on core systems, stability, and bug fixes.

However, Huynh promises that next week’s patch will add “a lot of interesting things,” even if it doesn’t bring store or guild features. It seems that Player First Games is still very focused on making MultiVersus gameplay as enjoyable as possible before moving on to new features. Previously, the game was subject to some criticism for the fact that some characters felt depressed or made movements that unfairly hit the opponent. Finn from “Adventure Time” and Bugs Bunny were two characters who were recently embarrassed after complaints from fans.

Even without the “Shop” and “Guild” pages, MultiVersus has a lot to look forward to. Morty has just joined the wacky list of games, and more additions are coming soon in the form of Black Adam and Striped from Gremlins. The next one to join the huge cast of MultiVersus characters will be Grandpa Morty and the brilliant scientist Rick, whose release is expected in the coming weeks.

MultiVersus is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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