The Next Horizon game should change the approach to reels


Horizon Forbidden West has been improved in many ways compared to the first game: in the sequel to Guerrilla Games, the settlements have become much more lively, and the facial animation is much more impressive. However, there are areas where the next entry in the series may further refine the formula. A basic setting can be introduced, and air and underwater battles can appear in Horizon. In addition, the Coil system can be redesigned.

In Horizon Forbidden West, reels are used to upgrade weapons, enhance certain stats, and allow players to enhance aspects of their weapons. For example, a bow with fire arrows can be improved to make the flame more powerful, and players can also get coils that allow them to easily tear cars away from enemies. However, while the system makes sense in theory and the basic idea works well, the way the Coils are purchased leaves much to be desired.

Creating reels in the game The Next Horizon

As you progress through Horizon Forbidden West, players will constantly collect reels. Regardless of whether they are robbing the corpse of a car, spending shards from merchants or performing side quests and errands, gamers will constantly receive new reels in an exclusive PlayStation game. Unfortunately, the process of obtaining them seems too random and unnatural, as players will never know when they are about to stumble upon a reel suitable for their choice of weapons.

You should also keep in mind the quality of the coils, as the legendary coils in Horizon Forbidden West are a little lacking. Not only are they limited, but when gamers finally get their hands on them, it rarely seems like the effort was worth it. This is a far cry from the Painted Coils that can be seen in The Frozen Wilds expansion from Horizon Zero Dawn, as improvements for specific weapons have been changed. The next Horizon game should not only bring them back, but also allow players to create the reels they want to use.

The mechanics of creating a Coil seem simple enough, since it can work just like the weapon upgrades that can be seen in Horizon Forbidden West. To make a reel, players can be tasked with putting together various parts of the machine, and these parts will lead to a guaranteed type of reel. This would give players another reason to track down certain parts of the machines, pushing them to interact with various machines scattered around the map.

For example, if a player combines a Tideripper part with a Fire Bellowback part, he may be guaranteed a coil that increases the damage of Purgewater and Fire. Depending on the quality of the pieces that the player combines, they may be given a Reel of higher Rarity. Continuing with the Tideripper example, combining an orange item from this machine with an orange item from Thunderjaw can always lead to a legendary reel. Thanks to this crafting option, players can create the perfect reels for their weapons whenever they want, without relying on unpredictable rewards from crates or limited lines of reels in merchants’ inventories.

The crafting feature may allow Horizon fans to create some weapon reels as well. By combining a special Shredder Gauntlet item or token with two machine parts, gamers can be guaranteed a coil that is especially strong for Shredder Gauntlets, which will further enhance their favorite weapon. Getting these tokens can be as simple as killing a human enemy who wields one of these weapons – every melee enemy that Eloy kills can get a spear reel item, and every archer can drop a bow upgrade. Although all other methods of obtaining coils could be retained, the possibility of their manufacture will make the system deeper and make the search for machine parts much more useful.

Horizon Forbidden West is already available on PS4 and PS5.


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