The next Hearthstone set is the Mysterious Murder set in Shadowlands.


The first Hearthstone expansion released during the Hydra years, Journey to the Sunken City, was a resounding success. As Hearthstone enters the second half of the year, she has unveiled the next major expansion of the card set: “Murder at Nafria Castle.”

The action of the new set of Hearthstone cards takes place in the Revendret, which first appeared in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Ser Denatrius, the ruler of Revendret and the master of Nafria Castle, has been killed, and Murlock Holmes and his loyal assistant Watfin must find out which of the ten suspects is responsible for this.

Each of the suspects, as well as Holmes himself, make up some of the 135 cards in the “Murder at Nafria Castle”. A new keyword and map type will appear in the Hearthstone set: Infuse and Locations. Infusion cards become stronger if a certain number of friendly creatures die with a card in their hand, similar to how the Corrupt mechanics worked in Madness at the Darkmoon Faire. Locations are special cards with an ability similar to the Hero’s Strength. Locations have durability, as do weapons, to limit their use, and have a 1-turn reload for reuse, but otherwise they are free after they are played.

The rhyming trailer for “The Murders at Nafria Castle” gave players hints about which characters might appear in the Hearthstone set. Baroness Vaish and Decimator Olgra—naga-the lieutenant of Illidan Stormrage and the oft—mentioned wife of Mankrik-have already revealed their cards, but players are likely to see Warcraft superstars like Draka, Kel’Thuzad and Pelagos receive their own cards. . Among several others, it seems, Raphael — the main villain from previous Hearthstone releases — also ended up in Shadowlands.

The murder in the Nafria Castle has no direct relation to the previous issue of “Journey to the Sunken City”. While some older Hearthstone add-ons are unrelated to the ones before and after, the most recent Hearthstone sets consist of three sets, each exploring a similar timeline, location, or history. It seems that the “Murder in Nafria Castle” breaks this trend after a few years.

Many players can’t wait to see what will be in the new Hearthstone set. Although World of Warcraft: Shadowlands wasn’t a popular addition, most fans liked Revendreth, Sire Denathrius and Castle Nathria, so expanding around them is a great idea. Players interested in learning more about the upcoming set will be able to see the new cards throughout July and can log in now to receive the legendary Prince Renatal Card.

Hearthstone is already available for mobile devices and PCs. Murder in the Castle of Nafria is released on August 2.