The next God of War Ragnarok Trailer should Fully Introduce Odin


The last few weeks have been turbulent for God of War fans. After a flood of rumors that the announcement of God of War: Ragnarok was scheduled for June, this never happened. Although some gamers were left furious, the cries for new news about God of War were suppressed when Santa Monica released a short and pleasant trailer revealing the release date of the game, as well as a second video describing all the releases, including a picture of the hammer of Mjolnir Thor. When gamers finally received confirmation that the next game would be released this year, excitement reached an all-time high.

Fans expect a lot from God of War: Ragnarok, including the wrath of Freya, the return of Mimir and the appearance of a big dog, which is probably the mythological wolf Fenrir. In the previous game, One was often mentioned, and although he does not appear, his actions greatly affect the course of events. In the next Ragnarok trailer, Santa Monica must finally expose Odin and allow players to see who the mysterious god really is.

Who is Odin?

Odin is one of the gods of the Nine Worlds, and he has quite an interesting family tree. Freya is his ex—wife and they have a son named Baldur. He also married Fiorgin, and Thor is a product of that relationship. Tyr is also his son, although it is unclear who his mother is. Odin has appointed Mimir as his advisor, and Odin appreciates Mimir for his knowledge. According to Mimir, Odin is very smart and obsessed with acquiring knowledge. Odin collects prophecies, and they help him to be all-seeing and all-knowing, but Mimir believes that Odin mainly cares about control.

Initially, Mimir supports Odin’s more manic impulses, but eventually he learns instead to try to steer Odin towards peace rather than war, although Odin does not always listen to him. Mimir betrays Odin by making friends with the giants with whom Odin is at war, and Odin punishes him by tying him to a tree on the highest peak of Midgard, where he is tortured daily. Fortunately, he is rescued by Kratos and Atreus, and it is through Mimir that they learn more about Odin.

Odin’s presence is felt throughout God of War 2018, not just in Mimir’s narrative. There are also crows that Odin sends to spy on the Nine Realms, although Kratos can destroy them. His presence is also felt through Baldur, who often fights Kratos. Odin sends Balder to kill Kratos and his son because he believes they will cause Ragnarok.

What could be Odin’s role in God of War Ragnarok?

In many ways, one of God of War reflects the image of Odin from Scandinavian mythology, which is associated with wisdom and knowledge. However, it differs from its mythological counterpart, since One of the God of War is cruel and evil, or at least all second-hand sources claim that it is. On the contrary, One of the Norse mythology is the protector of heroes, and it is believed that the warriors who died in battle meet Odin in Valhalla. He’s a much more benevolent figure than One from God of War, which suggests that while Santa Monica draws inspiration from Norse mythology, she will eventually be telling her own story.

In Scandinavian mythology, Ragnarok is a series of events that mark the end of the world, including terrible natural disasters, as well as wars between the gods. Odin is predicted to take part in these wars, and it is said that he will fight Fenrir, a giant wolf born of Loki and Angrboda. Fenrir defeats Odin and absorbs him, forcing Odin’s son, Vidarr, to avenge his death by killing the wolf. Many elements of the Ragnarok myth are present in God of War Ragnarok. The latest trailer depicts a large wolf that fits the description of Fenrir, and God of War 2018 shows that Atreus was once called Loki. The game ends with Mimir commenting that the sudden blizzard is Fimbulwinter, marking the sudden onset of Ragnarok, making it clear to the players that the stakes in the upcoming game will be higher than ever.

The scene is ready for the unmasking of Odin

With Loki and Fenrir on the board, Odin is one of the few remaining characters yet to be revealed in the epic story of Ragnarok. The next trailer is the perfect time to show it, as well as a little more information about the history of the game. With only a few months left until the release date, the opportunity for gamers to catch a glimpse of the villain may excite gamers about what epic battles may follow, and remind gamers that while Thor and Freya will be on their tail, they may not be their worst problems.

Revealing Odin would also be an opportunity to show what kind of weapons a god can wield. If Santa Monica is borrowed from Scandinavian mythology, then most likely it is Gungnir, a mighty spear. Usually Odin is depicted in a black hat and cloak, he is one-eyed with a long beard.