The News For Your Android Mobile In 2022: Open The Car, Windows, Fast Pair …


Android: Together with the Three Wise Men, one of the ways to know that we have started the year is with the celebration of CES in Las Vegas, the first major electronics fair of the year. And in it, the same one in which Samsung has shown the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G, today Google wanted to share several of the news that its Android operating system, the most widespread OS in the world, will receive throughout this year 2022.

The renewed Fast Pair

Seeking to make it easier for the user to pair new devices to the ones they already have, Google uses Fast Pair technology to help pair these faster. This quick pairing service allows devices to be instantly configured and paired by opening the companion app for installation and transferring the user’s Google credentials. In addition, it serves not only for audio connectivity, that is, to pair wearables, headphones, speakers and cars, but also for televisions and smart home devices.

But you have to improve the experience, and that means renewing Fast Pair. So within “a few weeks, when we turn on a Fast Pair compatible headset, the Chromebook will automatically detect and pair them with a simple click”, allowing us to stay focused when we are studying or working, wherever we are. Those who buy a new Chromebook later this year will be able to use their Android phone to quickly set it up and immediately access all saved data, such as your Google login credentials and your Wi-Fi password.

In a few months it will be possible to configure the headphones to be able to watch television without disturbing anyone through Google TV or the Android TV operating system in your home. And with built-in support for Matter on Android, Fast Pair can be used to quickly connect new Matter-enabled smart home devices to the web, Google Home and their accompanying apps, all with just a few taps.

Starting a car with your mobile

Today it is possible to unlock a Chromebook from an Android mobile and get to work right away. Well, in the coming months also the paired Wear OS smartwatches will allow you to immediately unlock and use a Chromebook and an Android mobile or tablet that are nearby.

In addition, with the digital car key it will be possible to use a compatible Samsung phone or Pixel to lock, unlock and start enabled BMW vehicles. By the end of this year, on phones with ultra-broadband (UWB) technology, it will not even be necessary to remove the mobile from your pocket to use it as a car key.

You can even share the key remotely and safely with friends and family who need to use our car. But it will not only be possible with BMWs, as according to Google “We are working to make these digital keys available on more Android phones and for more vehicles.”