The newly released Xbox Series X the victim of its success!


Well, that’s a real solid box for the console. Indeed, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X got off to a flying start. Nice launch, in short! Indeed, Microsoft can boast of having made a flying start, with its new console. As proof, the Xbox Series X is already out of stock. Like what, success is at the rendezvous.

We can say that Microsoft has done strong this year. While neck and neck with Sony’s PS5, the giant managed to win with its Xbox Series X.

The home console has already passed an important stage in its commercialization. Today, November 10, 2020, marked the official launch of the machine.

Sold at just under 500 euros, it also has a less expensive alternative. This is of course the S Series.

That being said, gamers prefer to rush to the higher end option, which is much more capable. It must be said that it displays a much better picture quality.

Either way, the lockdown won’t get the better of Xbox Series X sales. Quite the contrary!


The stocks were quickly sold in the various shops, Micromania and Fnac, in particular. Ditto for those who preferred to order their Xbox online.

Whether it is Cdiscount, Darty or even Amazon, all of them are almost out of stock. Some gamers will also have to wait until next Christmas to get their console.

The console also displays great prowess, with beautiful rendering and breathtaking play of colors and light. Although its rival the PS5 also has good arguments.

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The Xbox Series X competitor notably has a controller with haptic feedback. Technology that makes the video game experience much more immersive.

Needless to say, this year the next-gen consoles have gone all out! Enough to make us forget all our old consoles… In fact no! We’re far too nostalgic.


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