The new Xbox Game Pass is one of the most popular games of 2022


New games are being added to Xbox Game Pass all the time, but not all games are treated the same. Some games added to the Xbox Game Pass do not resonate with the audience at all, while other games are a huge success with critics. This is especially important when one of the new Xbox Game Pass games of the first day becomes a critical hit, because then it significantly increases the value of the service for its subscribers.

This is the case with one of the brand new Xbox Game Pass games of the first day, which was added to the service a few days ago. Sam Barlow’s Immortality joined the Xbox Game Pass lineup on August 30 and received rave reviews from critics. In fact, the reviews of Immortality are high enough for it to become one of the most highly rated new video game releases of the year, second only to the epic FromSoftware in the open-world role-playing game genre Elden Ring. At the time of writing, Immortality had an overall rating of 92 on OpenCritic and 94 and 90 respectively for the Xbox Series X and PC versions on Metacritic.

Expectations from Immortality reviews were high long before the embargo was lifted for most outlets. Edge print magazine, one of the oldest gaming magazines in the industry that still exists, gave Immortality a perfect score of 10/10 a few weeks before anyone else could step in. signs for its long history, so it certainly gives the game more credibility.

Immortality by reviews

Reviews of “Immortality” praised the cast, the game, the plot, and the unique twist of the game in the FMV formula that Barlow established in “Her Story” and “Telling Lies.” But while the critics’ reviews of Immortality were overwhelmingly positive, the users’ assessment says something else.

The user rating of Immortality is currently 7.1, as it applies to at least the PC version of the game. It seems that some users were not impressed with the FMV-style Immortality gameplay. However, this is far from a review bomb situation, as the lowest user rating is currently 7/10. The overall critics’ score is unlikely to fluctuate much in the coming days, but user ratings may change dramatically as more people play the game, so it will be interesting to see where it lands.

Fortunately, it should be pretty easy for anyone interested in Immortality to check it out if they so choose. Immortality is a game for the Xbox Game Pass of the first day, and right now it can be easily played on both PC and Xbox Series X.

Immortality is already available for PC and Xbox Series X, mobile versions are also in development.


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