The new Xbox Game Pass game from August 9 is full of emotions in its mechanics


The Xbox Game Pass currently outlines plans until August 15: several games will go into service and five games will be released by that date. As this deadline approaches, Xbox Game Pass will most likely announce its plans for the second half of August, but before that there are a lot of things to count on.

The next release of the Xbox Game Pass will take place on August 9, and players will be able to check out Two Point Campus on PC, in the cloud and on the console. This is a university management simulator, but there are a lot of emotions in its mechanics.

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Xbox Game Pass — Two-point Campus

Teaching is not a profession that someone engages in to get rich, but because of a special passion. Although Two Point Campus does not put players in the position of a professor, he approaches this passion from the position of an administrator/manager. Players will need to build, improve and assign classrooms, lecture halls, libraries, cultural events, extracurricular activities, lecturers, assistants and cleaners. The Two Point campus uses a student-centered approach, as players need not only to make sure they have a good education, but also not to strain too much to not enjoy the nightlife. Conversely, a student who is too keen on partying may not attend classes (and, as a result, potentially fail).

Student archetypes and characters are generated, and the player must navigate his journey to college. Each year, the game lasts about 20 minutes, and players will constantly encounter new students as freshmen enter and graduate. How and if each student succeeds or fails is up to the player, ensuring it’s an emotional journey. Of course, as a game, the sandbox wouldn’t be a real sandbox without some fun additions, such as students who are studying to become medieval knights, or want to enroll in a wizardry class similar to the “Hogwarts Legacy”.

It is this student orientation that distinguishes the game from other management simulators. As GamesRadar reported back in 2021, game director Gary Carr said: “The byproduct we want is when you say goodbye to your first registration, if we can make you cry in your eyes when you wave them on the great way.” the wide world, it’s amazing.” And the game achieves this by putting these students first and bringing as much emotion as possible into the simulation.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers receive several games monthly.


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