The new Wonder Woman swimsuit gives the hero’s costume a summer twist


Warning! Spoilers for the movie “Wonder Woman # 790” from DC Comics

In the stunning new cover of DC Comics’ Wonder Woman #790, Diana Prince gets a new swimsuit that gives a funny look to her most iconic costumes. Artist V. Scott Forbes shared his upcoming version of the cover of the issue, in which Wonder Woman flaunts an incredible swimsuit, which has many elements of her best costumes, but it is made in a completely new summer style. The result is a magnificent work of art, where the hero looks amazing.

On the pages of DC Comics, Wonder Woman has undergone several radical costume changes since the debut in All Star Comics #8 by William Moulton Marston and Herbert Peter. From her iconic (but outdated) costume of the Golden Age, the “new” fashionable costume of the late 70s, the biker image of the 90s and Renaissance armor, the hero wore many different images. In the new cover by W. Scott Forbes, Wonder Woman’s armor gets another new interpretation when she goes to the beach in a swimsuit that highlights all the best in her past looks.

On his Twitter account, artist V. Scott Forbes (Wonder Girl) shared his new cover for Wonder Woman #790 from DC Comics. The cover depicts a Wonder Woman in a swimsuit, and birds fly around her under the summer sun. The costume is decorated with mesh details on the chest and gold details throughout. The swimsuit pays homage to her original image with stars at the bottom of the ensemble, while she holds a tiara and wears silver bracelets on her wrists. Check out the cover of “Wonder Woman #790” below.

W. Scott Forbes explained that it was difficult to draw Wonder Woman for the first time, given the many talents, including Joshua Middleton, Adam Hughes and Jenny Frison, who made their own amazing images of the hero. He shared three designs he submitted to DC Comics that demonstrate that at one point the swimsuit suit had a tiara with a visor. Forbes admitted that he is glad that they stick to the traditional version of the cover.

In the end, W. Scott Forbes nailed a swimsuit suit for the cover. The ensemble seems fresh, while the design elements pay homage to the original image of Wonder Woman, creating a funny detail that shows how the hero gets much-needed fun in the sun. Readers can see the Forbes cover in swimwear when DC Comics’ “Wonder Woman #790” hits comic book stores and online stores on August 9.