The new villain of “The Man with the Chainsaw” has already made a serious mistake


Warning! There are spoilers ahead for chapter 99, “The Man with the Chainsaw”!

The military devil from the second part of “The Man with the Chainsaw” may have unwittingly revealed her identity to an unnamed high school student, whom fans consider to be a devil hunter Hirofumi Yoshida.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest Easter eggs of the series at the moment, Yoshida’s accidental and sudden appearance in the last chapter was recognized by some of the most astute and most ardent fans of the Chainsaw Man, undoubtedly because of his characteristic black earrings and damn good looks. . And knowing who he really is proves that the Devil of War has already made a huge mistake.

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In chapter 99 of Fujimoto’s The Man with the Chainsaw, the War Devil forces his master Asu Mitaka to bring them to her school, where the devil believes Denji is studying. Upon their arrival, the War Devil enters Mitaka’s body, subsequently pushing Mitaka to the sidelines. There, Asa is forced to watch helplessly as the Devil of War, masquerading as himself, tries to go on a date with a classmate for his nefarious reasons, which the devil later explains. What War Devil most likely does not understand is that the person she was molesting is Yoshida, a devil hunter who has extensive experience hunting his own kind, as can be seen from the first part of “The Man with the Chainsaw”.

The reason Yoshida can understand that the girl flirting with him may be the devil is not only that the Devil of War is not familiar with how people usually interact. This is because whenever the Devil of War takes control of Mitaka’s body, very large and distinguishable scars suddenly appear on her face. It is clear that Yoshida sees Mitaka before the scars appear, and then suddenly notices them, because he actually reacts verbally, literally saying, “Huh? These scars…” If it was an ordinary high school student, he would probably just think his eyes were playing tricks on him. And even if he, as an ordinary student, became suspicious, what could he do? But Yoshida, a devil hunter, notices supernatural phenomena like this that may be related to devils. The fact that Yoshida was also assigned to the same team as Mitaka and the Fighting Devil in the school’s Devil Hunter Club means that he will probably notice this and other strange anomalies revolving around Mitaka. So even if Yoshida never put two and two together that Mitaka’s sudden scars might have something to do with the devil, the likelihood that something will eventually click is quite high, since he will spend more time with her.

What’s really interesting is that this whole theory depends entirely on whether the reader realizes that the boy the Devil of War is flirting with is actually a minor character from the first part of The Man with the Chainsaw. Mangaka Fujimoto gives Yoshida ample opportunity to pronounce his name, but he does not. Even the students of the Devil Hunters Club, who distribute their peers into different groups, can do this by announcing their names. Fujimoto may save the disclosure of Hirofumi Yoshida’s identity for a future chapter of “The Man with the Chainsaw,” and it will be interesting to see how the Devil of War reacts to this news.


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