The new trailer for the comic book “Captain America” shows how Sam Wilson flies


Sam Wilson returns as Captain America, and a new trailer from Marvel shows how the hero enters the battle before the premiere of his new series.

As Sam Wilson prepares to carry Captain America’s star-studded shield once again, Marvel Comics has released a new trailer to whet the appetites of fans eager to see the Avengers take off. It’s been eight years since Wilson first traded his Falcon identity for Captain America, and now he’s coming back to don the red, white and blue colors again in the movie “Captain America: Symbol of Truth.”

Sam first appeared as the Falcon in Captain America #117 by Stan Lee, Gene Colan, Joe Sinnott and Sam Rosen. With wings that allow him to fly through the sky, and a strong telepathic connection with birds, the Falcon has been fighting with his best friend Steve Rogers for decades. When Rogers turned a few decades after his super soldier serum was neutralized, Sam stepped up to take the mantle of Captain America and preserve the legacy.

Although Sam eventually returned to his old identity, he returns to the role of Captain America in the film “Captain America: Symbol of Truth” by Tochi Onyebuchi and R. B. Silva. To prepare readers, Marvel has released a short trailer showing Wilson’s action-packed return. An exciting preview shows Sam diving into the action while battling an attacking squad. Fortunately, Wilson is not alone in the fight, he was joined by his faithful bird partner Redwing and the newest Falcon Joaquin Torres. The trio soars proudly as the trailer comes to an end, informing viewers about the creative team and the date when they can expect Sam’s new adventures as Captain America.

The latest preview follows Marvel’s recent attempts to attract potential readers to its exciting lineup with animated versions of its comics. From the nightmarish atmosphere created in the “Ghost Rider” teaser to the mystery-filled thrill of the early Spider-Man image, Marvel is knocking him out of the park with this new level of social media engagement. These trailers are a great way to draw attention to new current series for fans who may not be following the development of comics. Previews also help set the mood for these comics, which often have dramatic changes in the tone of their characters.

For example, this will be the first time Sam has worn the mantle of Captain America since he gave it up five years ago. When Marvel announced that Sam would be returning to star in his own book, Captain America, they emphasized that his mission would take him across the world stage in an adventure that promises action and conflict. The trailer keeps this promise and shows that Sam will have a very dramatic return to his former personality. The return of Sam Wilson as Captain America is something that many fans have been looking forward to, and nothing will help spread the word like another high—quality trailer from Marvel.