The new trailer for “She Said” tells about the journalists who killed Harvey Weinstein


So many people have been silenced, but voices are being heard again in “She Said,” the film adaptation of the book written by Jodi Kantor and Megan Tuohy, New York Times journalists who spoke about the violence and sexual harassment of film producer Harvey Weinstein. surfaces, driving the #MeToo movement.

“She Said” from Universal Pictures follows Cantor as she sets out to investigate and uncover sexual harassment and misconduct in the entertainment business. Kantor soon teams up with Tui, and the women try to help victims talk about abuse in order to help destroy what the trailer calls “a system bigger than Weinstein, a system that protects rapists.”

The first look at She Said paints a path of revealing the truth about Weinstein not only for the two journalists, but also for his victims. The trailer shows how Kantor and Tui approach women about working closely with the producer, as a result of which they hang up, slam the door in their faces and brazenly refuse to talk about it. However, the trailer reaches its climax when one woman changes her mind when she thinks about her little daughter and how she doesn’t want her to calm down and sit in silence with the pain of abuse.

“Two—time Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan played New York Times reporters Megan Tuohy and Jodi Kantor, who together told one of the most important stories of a generation — a story that helped promote the #MeToo movement, broke decades of silence around the topic of sexual violence in Hollywood forever changed American culture,” it says. in the official synopsis of Universal. The director of the film “She Said” was Emmy Award winner Maria Schroeder, perhaps best known for her work on the Netflix limited series “Unorthodox”, and the script was written by Oscar winner Rebecca Lenkevich. Other cast members include Patricia Clarkson, Andre Broger, Samantha Morton, Tom Pelfrey and Adam Shapiro.

Judging by the first official trailer, “She Said” will be an emotional roller coaster with its depictions of misogyny and the truth about the power imbalance in Hollywood that still exists. It’s hard for many to swallow such stories, but the #MeToo movement has given so many women the courage and strength to come forward and share their stories of abuse, which ultimately led to Weinstein’s conviction to 23 years in prison for sexual assault and third-degree rape.

The release of She Said at the end of this year will definitely cause a lot of emotions and, most likely, will give courage to many women and men who have suffered from any kind of sexual violence to come forward and share their stories.

She Said is released in theaters on November 18, 2022.