The New trailer for Rings Of Power Shows How Darkness Begins To March Across the Earth

A new spin-off of the Lord of the Rings series “Rings of Power” will be released this fall, and the Amazon Prime Video series has received a new trailer to celebrate its upcoming appearance. This new video, called the “main teaser,” is just the latest Rings of Power teaser released in the last few months, and the very first of them will be released on Super Bowl Sunday.
Of the very different Lord of the Rings series teasers that have appeared this year, one thing seems to be very clear in the new Amazon series. It will be a story about how this world was on the verge of the end of the world and fell into the hands of Sauron. It’s no secret that the show will take place long before the period with which fans of the Lord of the Rings franchise are familiar. However, the main plot will seem familiar to those who have seen the original trilogy, as it looks like the Amazon show will be dedicated to preparing for the war against Sauron.
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The new trailer for the Lord of the Rings spin-off shows new footage of the character, who was known in some other trailers, in the image of a young Galadriel. This version of Galadriel is trying to warn his brothers and sisters about the impending darkness that will pass through the earth in the form of Sauron’s armies. The two-and-a-half-minute video also shows some other races that will feature prominently when the war for Middle-earth eventually breaks out, including Harfoots and dwarves.
Fans of the Lord of the Rings films know Galadriel as Kate Winslet, who, when she appears in the original film trilogy, is much older, wiser and is a veteran of the war that is about to break out in the Amazon series. Most famously, she “tests” herself when talking to Frodo about the “One Ring” and is able to resist the urge to take it from him when it is offered.
The Harfoots are a branch of Hobbits that will apparently figure prominently in The Rings of Power, although it looks like they may not be as central to the story as Frodo and his merry band of Hobbits in the film franchise. It looks like most of the show will be about Galadriel and what she’s going through.
It also seems that this new teaser hints that the Amazon series may like a kind of Game of Thrones version for Middle-Earth, as various factions rise up or try to come to power. The real question is how much attention will be paid to the events before the rise of Sauron and how much in the “Rings of Power” will be focused on the actual period of the war.
“The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power” debuts on Amazon Prime Video on September 2.