The new tab that appears on Netflix: ‘New and Popular’


Maintaining an updated application anticipating the tastes of users is the secret of success in the current age of networks and online services. And Netflix, pioneer and queen of VOD content, knows that it must continually reinvent itself without losing its essence. The company grew tremendously during its last quarter, adding 10 million subscribers – during the lockdown of the Coronavirus.

But last year, the VOD service began to lose subscribers for the first time in a long time. That is why it has announced today a change in its interface, which will gain a new tab.

Netflix New and Popular

Netflix is ​​going to group some of its content rows into a tab called New and Popular. The section will group the ranks of ‘New to Netflix’, ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Top 10’, which premiered in February and is updated daily. It will also include a new row called ‘Worth The Wait’, which will give subscribers a preview of the shows that will arrive on the platform between the next 15 and 365 days (between 2 weeks and 1 year).

The Worth The Wait section is especially important to Netflix because it gives users a way to save and set reminders for upcoming shows. This can be very useful to prevent them from leaving the service, even if there is nothing immediately available that they want to see.

For now, this new section will be exclusive to Netflix in its version for televisions, and will not be available in mobile apps.

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