The New Superman Should Not Lead the Next Justice League


Warning! Dark Crisis #1 Spoilers Ahead

While Kal-El’s son is proving to be a worthy successor to his father’s legacy as Superman, he’s not quite ready to lead his own Justice League in DC Dark Crisis. After the death of the original Justice League, John Kent takes on the task of forming a new team of heroes. However, he quickly showed that he probably shouldn’t lead the next Justice League, and that others can and should lead his place.

In his own series, Son of Kal-El by Tom Taylor and John Timms, John Kent became the new Superman while his father was in space fighting Mongul. In this new era, John Kent advanced rapidly in many ways and often either met or surpassed the powers and responsibilities of the original Man of Steel. However, Clark Kent left some awfully big shoes to replace him, something John has struggled with as he works to become his own hero in the DC universe while still honoring Superman’s legacy.

With that in mind, DC Dark Crisis #1 from Joshua Williamson and Daniel Sampere sees John Kent struggling to cope with the recent loss of his father and the Justice League in general. Still believing that they will return someday, Superman is trying to recruit a new Justice League in the meantime, having assembled a truly unique team consisting of those who did not refuse the offer of a new Superman (Batman by Jace Fox and “Wonder Woman” by Yara Flor refused). However, Black Adam is quick to criticize John’s decision, pointing out that the young hero is not ready to lead his own League, while other heroes are more suitable for this role (for example, Dick Grayson’s Nightwing).

While it may be cold, Black Adam is probably right that John is not ready for such an important role in the DC universe. Although his intentions are firm and communicate the new Superman’s desire to help people feel safe again, the problem teases that John’s mentor Nightwing is a much better option to lead the members of the next Justice League. Nightwing is part of the first generation of DC assistants, who have now grown up and become independent heroes. As can be seen from Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo’s “Nightwing”, Dick Grayson has truly become the greatest hero of the DC universe (especially now that the heroes of the original Justice League are no more).

John Kent’s Superman is an amazing hero who may one day lead his own Justice League. However, now there are other heroes who are older and have more experience, which makes them better options for this important role. Although Nightwing seems to be the main contender for leadership in the new Justice League after the first release of Dark Crisis, fans will just have to wait and see how the new DC event continues.