The new steering kit Logitech G923 is introduced!


Steering wheel sets that have entered our lives with car racing games have improved considerably over the years. With the engine system developed in these sets that become closer to the real feeling in every new model, the set Logitech G923 is introduced, which offers the most realistic experience.

The new steering kit Logitech G923 is introduced! Here is the price
Introducing the most realistic experience of the racing game and its simulations, waiting for those who want to feel the long way while playing ETS 2, the steering wheel set is introduced. Logitech G923 is introduced. The set comes compatible with Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The steering set that comes with the clutch pedal unit offers high material quality. G923, which has multiple adjustable keys for game control, works with the TRUEFORCE system. As far as it is known, every detail on the road can be felt with the new system. Supported by powerful engines, the system can realistically simulate the driver’s feel of the road. It is presented with such a realistic engine that it is reported that the steering wheel can transfer even the vibration of the engine to the players. Here, Logitech reports that TRUEFORCE works directly with physics and sound engines in games.

The Logitecg G923, which will go on sale for $ 399 in August, does not come with manual gear. However, it can be purchased separately.


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