The new show “Death Note” from Netflix already corrects the mistake of 2017


Netflix is developing a new live Death Note, and the project has already fixed the first big bug of the 2017 version. Following the success of the second volume of the 4th season of “Very Strange Things” on Netflix, the streaming platform announced that it will continue to collaborate with producers Matt and Ross Duffer through their new production company Upside Down Pictures. Among the announced projects of the Duffer brothers for Netflix are the spin—off series “Very Strange Things” and the TV show “Death Note”.

This will be the second American version of the popular anime and manga live. The first was the 2017 film Death Note, also made by Netflix, directed by Adam Wingard (“Godzilla vs. Kong”). The Netflix movie was poorly received by both critics and those who have already read the Japanese comic or seen The Death Note anime, and it currently accounts for only 37% on Rotten Tomatoes. The Death Note film repeats the classic mistakes of Hollywood anime adaptations, including (but not limited to) non-Japanese actors in the main roles and major changes in the plot to match the traditional three-act action film.

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However, the very first mistake of the 2017 Netflix live action movie Death Note was that he turned it into a movie. “Death Note” was conceived in a serialized format for manga, which continues with 37 episodes of the anime “Death Note”. The Death Note story includes dozens of characters, several tweets and lasts for more than five years. Not only that, “Death Note” is much more about long—term mind games than exciting action like “Naruto” or “Dragon Pearl Z”, and therefore it works much better in a TV format. Trying to adapt such a convoluted story into a 100-minute movie like the 2017 Netflix Death Note movie will never work, and that’s why it’s great news that the next live Death Note will be a TV show.

The Duffer Brothers’ Death Note TV Show Can Fix Tempo Problems

No matter how good the director or the screenwriting team is, adapting such a big story as The Death Note in just one film will lead to the failure of the project. For comparison, the first Japanese live-action adaptation of The Death Note occurred as a series of films, followed by a new TV show in 2015. although they also made changes to the source material. A longer duration, whether in the form of a TV show or a series of movies, is one of the first requirements for the story of Light Yagami and El to work, which helps explain why the 2017 Netflix film Death Note flopped. Now, with the announcement of Brother Duffer’s death for Netflix, the streaming platform can correct its first and fatal mistake with the 2017 movie.

“Death Note” is not so difficult to adapt, especially compared to other classic anime such as “Van Pease” and “Naruto”. However, the slow pace of “Death Note” is one of the reasons why the investigation of Kira’s case is so fascinating, and therefore it should be preserved in any game version of it. Netflix has not abandoned anime adaptations and is currently working on a live action movie One Piece, but it is not yet possible to say whether the new Death Note project will be successful. Nevertheless, it’s nice to realize that this will be a TV show, not a movie — an important first step in adapting the famous anime.