The new shortcut that changes the habit in Windows 10!


Microsoft Edge, which some Windows 10 users do not prefer, will initiate a new era for the copy-paste shortcut. Microsoft had crashed the computers of many people with the security update it released a short while ago.

The 45-year-old software company, which received heavy reactions due to this incident, focused on its digital scanner, which it defined as its flagship. The new link format can be called a shortcut that brings new custom to the old village after all these years.

About to be refreshed for Microsoft Edge copy paste shortcut

This update, still in development, will let you choose whether to paste the link address copied from the Edge’s address bar via the new link format as a link to the relevant location or as a plain text.

Ctrl + V shortcut is used to paste a link address in a simple way. If you want to paste the relevant address as plain text, you will now use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V. This shortcut can be removed.

Microsoft has rolled up its sleeves to ensure that this feature, which works only with the URLs copied from the address bar of Edge, can also be used for in-page links. The software firm, headquartered in the USA, announced that it wanted to investigate what users think about copying and pasting.

Microsoft said it was trying to understand what users were doing after copying and pasting their URL and what troubles they were struggling with.

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