The New Shazam Will finally Make Mary Marvel a Separate Character


Attention: spoilers for the new Shazam champion! #1

After several years of the Shazam family working as a unit, Mary Marvel has officially become the new champion of Shazam in a cute solo series. The series tells about how Mary leads life in college and makes new friends as a superhero. A new beginning awaits her, and, finally, she will receive well-deserved development and respect.

Mary Marvel became a favorite among readers because she was introduced long before the expansion of the Shazam family as an analogue of her brother Billy. She was always a softening for the family, and Billy Batson led their stories as the Champion of Shazam and led them into battle. As the eldest in a full family, Mary was always considered part of their family, and did not have time to shine on her own. Now that Billy is trapped in the Rock of Eternity during Tim Sheridan, Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragon and Brent Peoples’ Teen Titans Academy #11, Mary is chosen as the new Champion to take his place. Her college life has become much harder, and Mary initially does not want to take on this task. But she may just have to accept that when everything is hanging in the balance, it’s time for Mary to go her own way, and the rest of the family will not drown her out.

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Although the Shazam family has always been an influential group, the number of people in the group has never given individuals the opportunity to develop independently. Mary feels that she is automatically placed in this position of an older sister, forced to take care of her younger siblings, even if she doesn’t want to. Her identity was formed around the fact that she was a brother and sister, and she struggles with her identity outside the family. She is given a new chance to find out who she is in the New Shazam Champion! No. 1 by Josie Campbell, Becky Carey, Evan “Doc” Scheiner and Brittany Holgerr. By finally going to college, Mary will be able to become who she really wants to be.

Her insecurities and self-doubt almost made her immediately reject the offer to become the new Shazam Champion. College is too difficult and important to give up. After all, this is a place where many students find themselves outside their families and truly define themselves. She wants to focus on building new, meaningful relationships with like-minded people, which she has never done with her family because she was so focused on their safety. Despite this, her kind nature and heroic attitude may turn out to be a part of Maria from which she cannot escape. College might just be what she needs to develop herself as her own hero without the influence of Billy or the rest of her family.

Finally, having the opportunity to spread her wings, Mary Marvel can free herself from the roles assigned to her and leave her mark on the world as a person. College and superheroism will be difficult to combine, but Mary is more than ready for this task. She is ready to wipe everything off the face of the earth and take up her problems face to face. Becoming the new champion of Shazam, Mary Marvel will push her to learn more about herself.


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