The new sales record of the pandemic period from Tesla!


Tesla broke a new record in electric car sales despite the pandemic and announced quarterly profit for the fifth consecutive year. The firm said it made $ 8.7 billion in profit in the three months up to September, with deliveries increasing by 54%.

Tesla closed the third quarter with snow

According to the BBC’s report, the company stated that they hoped to deliver more than 500,000 vehicles this year, but this has become difficult due to conditions. Although Tesla has delivered less than 320,000 vehicles to its customers since January, Tesla achieved almost half of this figure in the third quarter, which ended on September 30. During this period, the company, which sold 139 thousand 593 vehicles, was also warned by analysts to be careful against increasing competition.

Tesla pandemi döneminde kar açıklad

On the other hand, in a period when many automobile manufacturers were affected by the epidemic, the success of the company was not noticed by investors who complained that they could not make a profit for years. While the company’s shares have gained four times since the beginning of the year, yesterday, they rose in the stock market.

Tesla, which sells fewer vehicles than its competitors like Toyota, has one of the highest market values ​​among automakers in the world. Preparing to fight its rivals that have started to turn to electric vehicle production, the company recently announced a series of ambitious plans, including starting the production of its own batteries.

In addition, the company stated that it hopes to start production at its new factory outside Berlin in 2021.

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