The New PS Store for PS4 and PS5 Hits the Web


Ahead of the launch of PlayStation 5, Sony has completely redesigned its digital video game store. Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that the new PS Store will be available from today October 26 on the web.

Two days later, on October 28, the mobile version will also be launched. This store update, redesigned with PS5 in mind, modifies the organization of content into four different blocks: New, Collections, Discounts and Subscriptions. He will also imply certain restrictions. In this way, players using a wish list will discover that all of that content has been removed.

Another restriction is that PlayStation 3, PSP, and PS Vita games and add-ons, including apps, themes, and avatars, will no longer be available for purchase. The limitation will apply to the web and mobile devices, but that does not mean that players cannot purchase new content for these platforms. If they access the PS Store from these systems they will be able to enter the store and buy more content. Of course, everything previously purchased is kept, regardless of the system.

New interface for PS5

With only a few weeks of the arrival of PlayStation 5 in stores, Sony is making the necessary changes so that everything is ready when the machine is marketed. How could it be otherwise, Sony’s new generation system will debut a completely new interface. In this sense, the store will be integrated to avoid waiting times.

PlayStation 5 will go on sale on November 19 in the European market, while users in the United States, Mexico and Japan will access it a few days in advance, on November 12. Despite the proximity of the date, there are still some unknowns to be resolved, which may be put on the table very soon, as the international media have already received their console.

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