The New Player Of The Electric Vehicle Market: OPPO


Details of OPPO’s trademark application for the electric vehicle have been leaked. OPPO also joined the electric car caravan like Xiaomi.


Xiaomi announced its electric vehicle plan a few days ago. In addition, after the realme and POCO leaks, the trademark application made by OPPO for the electric vehicle emerged.

After Apple, realme, Xiaomi and POCO, OPPO also rolled up its sleeves for the electric car. A new one has been added to the leaks that have been talked about in the electric car market for a while.

OPPO applied for trademark registration for electric vehicle

Thanks to Tesla’s success in the electric car market, it has included many brands in the electric car competition. Companies such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi accelerated the production of electric vehicles by not being indifferent to the inevitable rise of the electric vehicle market.

Brand name applied by OPPO: OPPO Car Plus

The number of companies that want to step into the electric car market continues to increase. The company application, which came to the fore with leaks in May, was named OPPO Car Plus on October 26.

It has been leaked that realme, which has drawn a new route by parting ways with OPPO, has also made a trademark application in areas such as electric cars, electric scooters, driverless vehicles, electric bicycles, and camera drones.

Smart phone manufacturers, which have proven themselves in fields such as electronics and artificial intelligence, want to gain experience in different sectors by entering the electric vehicle market. Xiaomi, which sells products in many different areas such as textiles and kitchenware, is preparing to bring a new breath to the automobile market.

POCO, which is very strong in the Indian market, still continues its work within Xiaomi. Like realme, POCO has trademark applications in many different areas such as electric cars, driverless vehicles, electric bicycles and controlled toys. It is estimated that the vehicle to be produced by the company will be offered to users in India after China.

Although the details are not clear yet, Apple has reached an agreement with Canoo, founded by Stefan Krause and Ulric Kranz, who left BMW. Similarly, it is estimated that POCO, Xiaomi, OPPO and realme will partner with different companies. It is worth remembering that Xiaomi has announced that it will introduce its electric vehicle in 2024.

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