The new ontological horror film V/H/S, which takes place in 1999, will be released in October this year


Shudder have announced that they will release a new entry in the V/H/S franchise just in time for Halloween. The original V/H/S, which was released in 2012 and was a production of Bloody Disgusting with founder Brad Miska, was an anthology featuring 5 different found short films from various independent directors (including Ti West from X and Godzilla vs. Adam Kong). Wingard), loosely connected through a convoluted story in which someone discovered a disturbing collection of VHS tapes. This film was a significant success in the field of indie horror, helped to launch the career of many, including the cinematographic collective Radio Silence, whose members created such films as “Ready or Not” and the slasher sequel “Scream” 2022.

Ten years after its release, V/H/S has turned into a real franchise. It was soon followed by the sequel anthology V/H/S 2 in 2013, the Internet-themed V/H/S: Viral in 2014 and the spin-off Siren 2016, a feature film adapted from the novel by David Bruckner, the short film “Amateur Night” from the original anthology. Despite the fact that the franchise took a significant break after this project, last year it came back to life as an exclusive from Shudder with V/H/S/94, a collection of short films set in the title year and created by returning directors such as Vi. Timo Tiagianto from /H/S 2 and new blood, including the director of the film “Knives and Leather” Jennifer Reader.

Today, Shudder announced the release of a completely new part of the multi-year franchise called V/H/S/99, which will premiere on the streaming platform on October 20, 2022. Directors Maggie Levine, Johannes Roberts, Flying Lotus, Tyler McIntyre and Joseph and Vanessa Winter will present a variety of frightening footage found at the turn of the millennium, presented using a home video framing device of a thirsty teenager who takes a gloomy turn. In addition to the announcement, they also shared the first image of the project, which can be seen below:

The directors of this version of the franchise are newcomers to the world of V/H/S, but each of them has their own pedigree in the horror genre. Roberts is perhaps the most famous of them, having directed “Strangers: Night Prey”, “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” and both films “47 Meters Down”, although each of them is an experienced horror film director in his own right. . Levin shot the feature film “In the Dark” “My Valentine” for Blumhouse, McIntyre created the famous indie project “Tragedy Girls”, Winters participated in the creation of the techno-thriller “Deadstream” in 2022, and “Flying Lotus” (who is best known as a rapper) directed “Hannibal Buress” in the title role. Kuso in 2017.

Of course, this new entry in the V/H/S franchise has a lot to explore. First, it seems likely that at least one of the segments will be dedicated to the seminal 1999 horror film The Blair Witch. However, the image they released seems to pay homage to the panic of 2000 on New Year’s Eve 1999, when people believed that the end of the world would come, so obviously there is a lot of fodder for a new chilling set of fairy tales. an unsuspecting audience.


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