The new Nintendo Switch is coming! Here is the innovation


Sony and Microsoft will make the 4K gaming experience widespread with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X game consoles that will be released before the end of this year. So when will the silence on the Nintendo side be broken? According to the report released by Bloomberg, the company plans to introduce an upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch next year. So 4K powered Nintendo Switch is on its way!

The new Nintendo Switch will have 4K support!

There is no clear explanation about what this upgrade will change, it is stated that it will only switch to 4K resolution. Of course, 4K does not matter much unless there is high resolution content. In this context, it seems inevitable to announce more new games for the device.

The renewed version of the Switch with longer battery life met with users last year. The console is still powered by the NVIDIA Tegra CPU and 4 GB of RAM, so steps to be taken on the battery capacity and performance side are eagerly awaited.

An upgraded version does not make sense right now, as Switch and Switch Lite are still difficult to find in stores. However, a console that will be introduced next year will stand out as a new alternative to Sony and Microsoft.

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