The new Nightwing costume has one drawback that its creator would never have allowed

Even though Nightwing may have a sleek new suit designed in part by his best friend The Flash, he has one serious design flaw that Wally West should never have allowed. In a recent issue of Nightwing, Wally presents Dick Grayson with an improved look that will help him protect him in the field and still look great. But Nightwing’s new bulletproof suit doesn’t protect his head in any way, despite Dick’s history of near-fatal head injuries.
Dick Grayson as Robin, Nightwing and even Batman has always needed a flexible costume design, given his natural acrobatic abilities. Dick’s costume choice has always been “stylish” too; take his classic “Discovering” look, or even the recently returned finger stripes that have been a staple of his costume for years and have now triumphantly returned with a new Nightwing costume provided by Flash. But in “Batman #55” by Tom King, Tony S. Daniel, Danny Miki, Tomeu Mori and Clayton Coles, a KGB assassin shoots Nightwing in the head. Dick Grayson continues to lose memories of his former life as Dick and Nightwing, much to the disappointment of his family and friends. Although Dick eventually regained his memories and got rid of the nickname “Rick” Grayson, few will forget how this injury seriously affected Nightwing’s life and well-being.
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Few people were as distraught over Dick’s trauma and amnesia as Dick’s best friend Wally West-the current Flash. Dick and Wally have been close since the days of The Teen Titans, and in Tom Taylor’s Nightwing #88, Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas and Andworld Designs, Wally helps his best friend by providing a new improved costume designed in conjunction with one of DC’s smartest heroes, Mr. Awesome. The new suit is flexible, thin (under civilian clothes) and protects both from bullets and from stabbing blows. This is an important new tool in the fight against Nightwing crime, and all thanks to Flash and Mr. Awesome.
Despite these features, the suit still has one significant drawback — it does not provide protection for Nightwing’s head. Dick will continue to fight crime in a domino mask without a hood and helmet. After the head injury that changed Dick’s life, Wally should have tried to create additional head protection, especially since he is still very angry about KGBeast’s attempt on Dick’s life and Dick’s subsequent tenure as “Rick Grayson”. Mr. Awesome has also co-created a new costume, and he is one of the smartest heroes in the world. Even if Dick avoided head protection in his usual style, it’s strange that neither Flash nor Mr. Awesome insisted on providing options with skull protection.
Flash is without a doubt Nightwing’s best friend, and it’s strange that he designed a new suit for Dick with such a serious flaw. Let’s hope readers don’t see the return of Rick Grayson and Dick’s head injury—and it looks like Dick’s amnesia is far away in the rearview mirror. However, his friends and allies are still worried about him, and it’s touching to see Wally West as The Flash developing a new bulletproof suit for Nightwing, even if it doesn’t have a padded helmet.