The New Mutants: first two minutes of the movie


The new Marvel movie inherited from Fox presents new exclusive footage alongside new promotional images; premiere scheduled for August 28.

The New Mutants digital panel has recently been held as part of the Comic-Con @ Home 2020 streaming offer, the online celebration of the popular annual convention for movies, series, video games, merchandising and more. Thus, this panel of the Marvel movie inherited from Fox after the purchase of the company by Disney, has had the presence of its protagonists who have shared the first two minutes of the film along with a new trailer and several posters.

Theatrical release on August 28

Thus, the main actors and actresses of the film have commented on numerous details of the production, as well as sharing several more artistic draft posters that you can see in this same news. Although the highlight of the panel has been the publication of unpublished footage so far, such as the first two minutes of the film along with new scenes as a trailer.

The duration of the film has also been confirmed, which will be 98 minutes by its director, who commented: “I think it is approximately 98 minutes. It was never more than 104 minutes, even in its maximum duration. I remember that my initial assembly before cutting anything was probably 20 minutes longer, but you will see all the rest in the extra contents; we put together all the deleted scenes. They were more like things that were too funny or that didn’t match their tone, but they are beautiful moments of characters that I think will be liked by the fans. ”

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The New Mutants at the moment maintains its last scheduled release date, that is, on August 28, despite the fact that the near future of movie theaters seems uncertain due to the global crisis of the coronavirus; so much so, that some rumors point to a premiere directly on Disney +, although the goal of Disney and Marvel remains the premiere in cinemas. Recall that The New Mutants already has several delays, either due to the purchase of Fox by Disney or the global pandemic itself.


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