The new Microsoft Teams function to mute users


Gatherings with friends can turn into a chicken coop when many people are talking at once. Outdoors this may not be a problem, but when you have 30 people talking at the same time on headphones it can be a big problem because you do not know what they are saying. That’s why it’s best to silence everyone in the room at once like you can with the Hard Mute feature in Microsoft Teams.

Silence in the hard mute room

Mass communication applications are among the most used in these times. It is a fact that different organizations, schools and other companies have done everything possible to communicate their workers with each other. One of the options that have moved the most these months has been Microsoft Teams. The Redmond solution has been key thanks to its rapport with Office, but what also counts is its ability to bring users together.

But sometimes this is just as important as keeping each one in place. That is, in the room there can be from two people onwards, which is why it is simple that if there are more than four people, a meeting ends up being a set of chaotic sounds in which nobody finds out because everyone is talking to their ball . And it is in this moment that you wish that everyone was quiet, something that can be achieved with the Hard Mute.

The new feature will be available to app administrators who can silence the entire room until the owner decides. This will work even if the participants have the microphone open, which will prevent everyone from speaking suddenly without your permission. In this way you can know when to put explanation or presentation times and turn for the questions, making the class or seminar explanatory and have a part of clarifications as you would expect.

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