The new Microsoft Surface Pro X could arrive in October


Microsoft’s Surface range is designed for those who need a powerful device to work anywhere. Its design has set a trend thanks to the flap on the back that puts the tablet in stand mode, making it a good proposal for all those looking for a comfortable device in any circumstance. If we go to the top section of the family we find the Microsoft Surface Pro X that could have a review next month.

A new Surface Pro X could arrive in October

Different manufacturers of mobile devices have a custom to renew their devices within a year. Microsoft is no exception and has shown that it is capable of keeping a good pace of development on its devices. Last year we saw a more powerful and slimmer version of its tablets launch on the market and this year we may have a review of it.

We are talking about the Surface Pro X, a team that stands out for an elegant design in addition to wasting power in its chipset. And it is that according to what WindowsCentral has, next month we could see its second version of the device. Everything indicates that the design will be very similar to what was seen last year, although this time there will be a new color called Titanium.

But this would not be the only surprise that the Surface X Pro would bring. Microsoft could provide it with a new processor: the SQ2. This would provide improvements in the power of the terminal as well as greater stability when supporting applications with a 64-bit and even 86-bit architecture.

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