The new MCU Disney+ Show continues the setup of the new Avengers Team in Phase 4


The West Coast Avengers setup continues in Phase 4, as the new Wonder Man show on Disney+ signals the team’s joining of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now that the original Avengers team is no more, the MCU is putting together several lists of super teams after Avengers: Finale. There will certainly be another version of the core Avengers team, while the Young Avengers and Thunderbolts are undoubtedly forming too. Recent news about the TV show “Wonder Man” taking place on Disney+ supports the theory that the West Coast Avengers are also part of the Marvel Studios plan.

Theories about the future of the MCU “Avengers of the West Coast” appeared shortly after Marvel Studios began to reveal their plans for the streaming service Disney. Giving characters such as Vision, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, and U.S. Agent prominent roles in Phase 4 according to each of their roles in the minor Avengers team. The debut of White Vision in WandaVision only reinforced this belief, as White Vision was the main member of the team. Meanwhile, Hawkeye continued to tease the formation of the West Coast Avengers in the future of the MCU after mentioning Kate Bishop’s aunt Moira Brandon, who gave the team headquarters in the comics.

Wonder Man is another key character in The West Coast Avengers, so Marvel Studios’ decision to give him a show on Disney+ is very telling. There is no confirmation that the form of the superhero Simon Williams will take part in this MCU team, as a place in the main new Avengers team is also possible. However, it seems that the MCU is already thinking about the adventures of Wonder Man on the West Coast. Early reports suggest it could be a Hollywood satirical series starring Simon Williams as a famous actor and stuntman when he’s not fighting crime. This plot idea would undoubtedly mean action in California and would further pave the way for him to help shape the West Coast Avengers.

Marvel Studios, which is developing a TV show about Wonder Man, is one of the most convincing proofs that the Avengers of the West Coast are just around the corner. Simon Williams is the first member of the team under the leadership of Hawkeye. KVM is well positioned to match the original list if Laura Barton’s War Machine and Mockingbird join Wonder Man and Hawkeye. The only character missing so far is Tigger, but she can be replaced by a Moon Knight, a US agent, a White Vision or a Scarlet Witch. All of them joined later versions of the team and already exist in the MCU.

It would make sense for Wonder Man to continue Disney+’s role in creating the West Coast Avengers. As the MCU continues to grow and expand, it makes sense to form a team specifically on the West Coast. Instead of leaving New York as the central location of the shared universe narrative, creating a team on the opposite side of the country could help Ant-Man, Wasp, Shang-Chi and others to continue to actively participate. Now it will be interesting to see if Wonder Man can prepare the West Coast Avengers for phase four and beyond.