The New Mass Effect Will Abandon The Frostbite Engine And Return To The Unreal Engine


Mass Effect: The developer worked with the Epic Games engine on the original trilogy, but used Frostbite in Mass Effect Andromeda. The latest BioWare video games have used Frostbite, the graphics engine created by EA DICE. Dragon Age Inquisition was the first, but Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem followed, projects that went through serious difficulties during their development. Everything seems to indicate that the Canadian studio is going to leave this technology behind to return to Unreal Engine, an engine that they already used in the original trilogy and in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This is suggested by a job offer for the new Mass Effect that producer Brandon Holmes has shared on social networks.

“Bioware is hiring talented programmers with Unreal Engine 4 and 5 experience,” he explains on Twitter. “Come join our team and work with us on the next Mass Effect title.” The new game in the series was unveiled at The Game Awards 2020 and has not shown any more news since then. The teaser featured Liara, one of the leads from the initial trilogy. As it is a character of a very long-lived race, it is not clear when it is going to set the scene.

The future after several failures

The latest new game releases from BioWare have not turned out as everyone would have hoped. Mass Effect Andromeda hit the market with numerous bugs and errors, causing mockery on social media. Faced with these problems, Electronic Arts decided to cancel all post-launch content and leave the saga fallow. Meanwhile, the studio designed a new intellectual property, Anthem, which was conceived as a service game but turned out to be a disaster, to the point that version 2.0 ended up canceled.

The one that did go well was Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the remastering of the first three video games. Beyond that, in the future the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect are outlined, two key projects for this mythical developer.