The new Marvel Thunderbolts Team is Shown in action for the First Time


Attention! Contains preview images for Thunderbolts #1.

Marvel Comics’ newest Thunderbolts team enters the fray for the first time in an exciting new preview. Originally debuting in 1997, The Thunderbolts consist of an ever-changing roster of heroes and reformed villains who take on new threats to Earth when the Avengers go down. Originally created by Baron Zemo, the band has undergone many changes with some notable members including Deadpool, Green Goblin, Luke Cage and Winter Soldier. Now a new group of Thunderbolts is about to debut, and this is perhaps the most exciting Marvel team.

In August of this year, the new Hawkeye Thunderbolts team will officially replace the Avengers in a new series created by Jim Tooth and Sean Izakse. The legendary archer will fight crime with his new group consisting of America Chavez, Spectrum, Power Man, Persuasion and a rookie hero named Gutsen Glory. The last hero is so mysterious that Marvel does not reveal much about him, hinting that exciting revelations are waiting for us in the new series. Back in April, the first look at the team was shown, including a look at who they will fight. Now even more has been revealed about their first battle, and it’s bound to be an exciting first installment.

Marvel’s official press release contains the cover art and a first look at the team’s first major battle in Thunderbolts #1. In these action-packed pages, the new Thunderbolts are battling a rather suitable group of opponents: the Thunderbolts. During Wilson Fisk’s tenure as mayor of New York, he created his own team of “heroes” to enforce his laws against unauthorized superheroes, which included members such as US Agent, Abomination, Electro, Doctor Octopus, Kraven Hunter and others. Based on these first images, it looks like the team is cleaning up the mess that Fisk created while dealing with the previous group. You can see how Hawkeye deals quite unpleasant blows to a US agent who joined his team even after he became a real Marvel hero. It also includes some pretty great moments where the team works together to make sure they defeat the teamed villains.

The cover is quite inventive, recreating an iconic image in American history called “Lunch on Top of a Skyscraper”, which depicts a group of workers during a lunch break on a steel beam during the construction of a building. Although the image itself is staged, it is an unforgettable picture that thematically corresponds to where the New York Marvel heroes are now. After Wilson Fisk’s long and difficult tenure as mayor of New York, a new mayor took his place: Luke Cage. However, this does not mean that everything is going back to normal. There is still work to be done to restore New York to its former glory after Kingpin revealed that he poses a threat to every Marvel hero. Nevertheless, when the restoration of the city begins, everything can turn out to be a difficult and difficult battle, but the future paved by the new Thunderbolts looks rosy.

Based on the preview provided by Marvel, it looks like the series will not only provide the immersive action that Marvel fans love, but also promises that big changes are coming to the Marvel universe. At the moment, little is known about the general path the team will take. However, this is an exciting time for fans of Thunderbolt stories and will certainly usher in a new era in Marvel comics.


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