The New Limit That WhatsApp Has Put On Messages In A Group


WhatsApp: Within WhatsApp, right on the chat screen, there is a function that you can activate to forward messages. The forwarding feature allows you to forward messages from one conversation to another, either individually or in a group. Forwarded messages appear with a “Forwarded” label, which helps you identify whether messages sent to you were written by your friends or family or someone else.

Forward a message on WhatsApp

It is also a good way to find out if this or that message that is forwarded to you is a scam, phishing, fraudulent link, etc. Because of this, and as a security measure, messages can be forwarded to a maximum of five chats at a time. If a message has been forwarded many times, you can only forward it to one chat at a time to prevent mass propagation. Since the messages are end-to-end encrypted, WhatsApp messages include a counter that keeps track of how many times a message is forwarded, and the company cannot read this counter.

This week, after the launch of the new WhatsApp beta update for Android, WhatsApp introduces a new limitation when it comes to forwarding messages that affects these forwardings specifically within WhatsApp groups: when a message is marked as forwarded , it will no longer be possible to forward it to more than one group chat at a time. If you need to forward this message to more than one group chat, you have to select the message and forward it again.

Forward to only one group at a time

As WABetaInfo experts tell us, keep in mind that the new limitation takes effect “even when the message is forwarded once, so it is different from the previous limitation.” As we say, this option will prevent users from forwarding the same message to several chat groups within the application simultaneously, so they can only share it in a single WhatsApp group.

The feature is within WhatsApp Beta, so it is not known when it will arrive in the main version of WhatsApp. But we already have another feature on the way to make being in a group a little less insufferable at times.