The new law of the European Union will relieve the phones


The European Union is discussing a law called the Digital Service Act. As the name suggests, this law, which will bring regulations on digital services, will give smartphone owners more control over the applications on their devices.

Pre-installed applications in phones sold in European Union countries do not pose a problem as in other countries. However, it can be annoying to have many applications that cannot be used and deleted normally on the phone. In some phones, it may be necessary to create a separate memory in the storage area to delete pre-installed applications.

However, this situation will change with the Digital Service Law of the European Union. On smartphones to be sold in member countries, users will be given the opportunity to delete applications preloaded on their devices. It can be said that this is good news for users who have storage space problems.

To ensure that companies such as Apple and Google use the data they collect only in advertising services with the European Union Digital Services Act; It is aimed to prevent the use in other commercial activities or sharing with business partners. This law also includes provisions to prevent Apple and Google from using data from business partners in app stores.

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