The new Instagram function for the end of 2020


Facebook has become a very attractive showcase for brands. Not only large firms benefit from this feature, smaller ones can also take advantage of it and increase their sales. But in Menlo Park they want to increase the probabilities that this will happen and such is their determination that they are looking for a way that you can buy through the Reels of Instagram.

Buy by Reels, a new sales platform

It is a fact that the different social networks function as a showcase for users. Thanks to them it is possible to know the latest of the latest from each brand and, if you really want to get a unit, buy it instantly. And you can do this through Facebook or Instagram when you go around your favorite profiles. But the funny thing is that soon you will have a new feature that will reach one of the newest functions.

We focus on the new Instagram feature that everyone knows as Reels. This copy of TikTok that has recently launched the photo app will become another sales platform in the future. It turns out that Menlo Park is working to turn Reels into a place to sell products. Come on, you can buy through these short videos in the same way that you do through images or even Stories.

According to what The Verge says in its lines, it is possible that this new feature will be ready by the end of this 2020, so it is a matter of time before we see any news in this regard this month and the next two.

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