The new GTA Online update saved the business of players with one change


The newest addition to Grand Theft Auto Online, the Criminal Enterprises update, has already been released and brings with it some of the most anticipated changes in the quality of life of players. In addition to new missions, upgrades and vehicles, the update also introduces a number of changes to better balance the online experience. For players who work or participate in any GTA Online business, life will become much easier.

Among the many actions available to players in GTA Online, there is an opportunity to become the owner of several different types of businesses, from motorcycle clubs to cargo warehouses. In order to perform these operations effectively, players must regularly purchase and sell various products, which leads to constant streams of in-game income. Traditionally, players who wanted to sell their products had to complete special sales missions that could only be launched in public lobbies. After updating Criminal Enterprises for GTA Online, this is no longer the case, and it will certainly be interesting news for VIPs and their employees.

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Prior to this update, the only way for players to make a real profit from their business was to physically deliver their products to the specified locations. These missions have been blocked to public lobbies, and a notification is displayed throughout the lobby when the player starts such a mission, as well as a waypoint on his map if he wants to interfere. Members of the organization can purchase a temporary upgrade that hides them from other players for in-game currency, but otherwise attackers are free to destroy someone else’s cargo. There is a cash bonus for completing a sales mission with competing players in the lobby, but it’s hardly worth the effort. Due to excessive grinding in recent years, GTA Online has ceased to be fun, but this update may be a step in the right direction.

Abbreviations of the “Criminal Enterprises” update in GTA Online make the grinding more fun

Since players can now sell their business products without worrying about being upset by influential players, this part of GTA Online’s grinding may start to seem less troublesome. Of course, you still need a lot of money to participate in all the most expensive events of the game, but now this process is not so painful. In addition, the update “Criminal Enterprises” continues the recent trend of GTA Online to increase the amount of money that players earn for completing missions and other actions. Robberies now provide increased payouts, and players involved in commercial activities will receive higher periodic payouts across the board. These continuous improvements to the boring routine of making money in GTA Online are already significant and may be a sign of big changes to come.

Grinding in GTA Online has become not only easier, but also more diverse. The new update introduces a new quest line called Operation Paper Trail, as well as new missions for each type of business. Owners of nightclubs, bunkers, bike shops and executive offices will have access to unique new missions for each type of property, which will allow them to do their business in a new way. By bringing more variety to the business activities of the game and at the same time making it safer, it seems that Rockstar listens to the complaints of fans.

With the “Criminal Enterprises” update, GTA Online players who previously ignored business can take comfort in the fact that the system is finally changing for the better. While interfering with the activities of other players is in keeping with the spirit of the franchise, it’s also incredibly frustrating, so being able to sell goods without worrying is undoubtedly a positive change. If this level of availability indicates upcoming trends, Grand Theft Auto Online will undoubtedly continue to thrive until the next major Rockstar release.


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