The New Gross Chapter Is More Epic Than Ever In the New Trailer


Warning! Spoilers for the 70th chapter of Baruto ahead! To commemorate the sixth anniversary of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, as well as the sequel to the Naruto manga, numbering 70 chapters in 18 volumes, publisher Shueisha has released an epic video to mark the occasion.

The first chapter of Boruto was published in May 2016. The last chapter was released last week, combining a number of plot points that arose after the death of Isshiki Otsutsuki, the leader of the secret Kara organization.

Ishiki was killed as a result of a combined campaign involving Naruto, Sasuke, a former member of Kara Kawaki and Naruto’s son Boruto. They were also assisted by a member of the Isshiki Momoshiki clan, whose spirit was circulating through Boruto at the time as a result of the karma he engraved on Boruto’s palm before he himself was killed. Ishiki’s death left Kara without a leader for a moment, until his faithful “almost ship” Code raised the banner. Code devoted himself not only to avenging Isshiki’s death, but also to implementing his original plan to grow the Tree-God and collect its chakra fruits for the benefit of the Otsutsuki clan.

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The video, which was published on the official Twitter account of Naruto and Boruto: Next Generations, invites fans to familiarize themselves with the last chapter not only because of the interesting story between its covers, but also to get a chance to participate in a special lottery to mark the sixth anniversary of the serialization of the manga. According to the announcement, “only 100 original items” will be drawn in the lottery. To further promote celebration and fan engagement, the tweet includes a beautiful video highlighting some of the key scenes from Boruto Chapter 70 in color and accompanied by a loud soundtrack.

The code accumulates power by working to achieve its goals. After learning that Aida and Damon, two of his former colleagues who were supposed to be killed, had actually just been placed in cryostasis, Code successfully frees them and convinces them to help him, as his success will be in the collective interest. Agreeing to help, the three invade Konoha village to kidnap Amado, their creator, who defected to Konoha from Kara shortly before Ishiki’s death. He holds the key to releasing the power. The code must be unstoppable.

Chapter 70 of Boruto describes in detail the consequences of the Code and the invasion of Aida, as well as their consequences. The Code limiters were removed, and his karma returned. The manga sets the climax of the current Codex story arc. This story seems to focus on allowing the “Next Generations”, including Boruto, Kawaki, Koda, Eida, Damon, Sarada and Mitsuki, to take full and complete center stage from their Naruto elders, a monumental shift that lasted six years and 70 chapters. in development.