The new Gotham Knights video demonstrates the first 16 minutes of gameplay


The new Gotham Knights trailer tells about the main action and hidden mechanics of the game, demonstrating the first few minutes of gameplay. Almost two years ago, the developer of Batman: Arkham Origins WB Montreal presented its brand new superhero action based on DC, which takes place in the world where Batman died. A team of his former proteges took his place to protect the crime-ridden city from various evil forces, such as the misty Court of Owls from Gotham Knights, and classic opponents such as Mr. Freeze, in a storyline different from the critically acclaimed Batman from Rocksteady: Arkham Series.

While its storyline may be divorced from the previous line of excellent Batman video games, Gotham Knights still seems to borrow some of the most notable elements of the Arkham franchise, namely rhythmic but brutal combat and tactical stealth gameplay that gives players a choice. either by fighting a room full of enemies, or by slowly killing them one by one from the shadows. What distinguishes Gotham Knights from past Batman games is a list of four playable heroes, each with their own unique fighting styles and gadgets that help defeat the forces of evil. Previous trailers of the Gotham Knights gameplay showed how Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl and Robin cope with the evil streets of Gotham City, but now viewers can see how they all unite in their common mission – to continue the work of their late mentor.

In a recent update, IGN announced that it will single out Gotham Knights as the IGN First Look title in the month of August, meaning that the gaming news publication will be releasing a series of exclusive announcements and gameplay trailers throughout the month. The first of these trailers, which can be viewed on IGN’s official YouTube channel, consists of the first 16 minutes of Gotham Knights, which begin immediately after the prologue, which WB Montreal still keeps secret. Players start by choosing which of the Gotham Knights they want to play for—in this case, Batgirl—and then complete a mission in which she explores an abandoned Gotham University in search of clues about the supposed death of Dr. Kirk Langstrom, a Batman scientist. watched him before he died. Her investigation, enhanced by AR Vision, leads her to a secret lab, but a group of criminals attack the campus before she has time to pass on important information to her teammates. Batgirl fights off these thugs using stealth techniques and direct combat, ending the fight with a massive opponent armed with a shield in the middle of a burning laboratory.

Players engage in combat during the Gotham Knights introductory mission

Gotham Knights creative director Patrick Redding noted that he and his team at WB Montreal made sure that none of the game’s heroes looked weaker than any other, noting that at the beginning of the game, fans will see that they all work very much the same. As the story of Gotham Knights continues, each of them will develop in “their own taste of what the Dark Knight of Gotham City should be” through the use of the Gotham Knights character enhancement system, which will allow players to unlock new abilities and change each one. the costume of the game hero.

This latest Gotham Knights game has done a great job highlighting the basic transversal, combat and stealth gameplay of the upcoming superhero action, showing the very first missions that players will solve after the game starts. The developers of Gotham Knights have promised to provide additional new materials as the game approaches its scheduled release on October 25.


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