The new Google Play Store function


In the 2000s, many users saw the Internet as a place from which to get all kinds of content. It was a time when downloads were constant and it was golden for P2P applications, where users shared their files that others requested.

You may resort to one of these applications, but now that the concept sounds familiar, we can tell you about Google’s new plan to share applications with your friends from the Google Play Store.

Sharing applications offline will be possible on Android

The Google Play Store has changed a lot in recent years. It is no longer only dedicated to storing applications for download, you can also view multimedia content or books among others. As you know, to use it you need an Internet connection, but in the big G they are working on a mode to share apps without connection with nearby users.

As we read in AndroidPolice, this function began its development back in 2018, but it is not until now when it has reached an optimal maturity. The procedure consists of two users being able to share applications between them even if they do not have an Internet connection. This is very similar to the file transfer systems that are made by Bluetooth, a tool that will be used for this purpose.

The procedure is as follows: two nearby users must open the Google Play Store and will have a function to send or receive applications. The devices will connect via Bluetooth, NFC or WiFi direct to perform the file transfer once the users recognize their respective devices. From here, it only remains to wait for the download to finish to unlink the two devices.

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This way it will be much easier to add applications to your phone without having to search the Google Play Store, as long as the person who recommended it is nearby and has it installed. Another thing to keep in mind is that Google Play will ask you for access to your location when activating this function, so you will have to grant permission to start using it.


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