The new Google Chrome version will use less resources


Google shared information about the productivity improvements it offers to its users with Chrome 89 version. According to the information given by the internet giant; Both the Windows, macOS and Android versions of the browser will consume less resources. Faster startup and more responsive operation are also among the highlights of Google. No information has been given about the improvements in the iOS version.

The exact benefits seem to vary from platform to platform. According to the information given by Google, Chrome, which will use the foreground tab more efficiently, will be able to save 100 MiB. Thanks to the management of the tabs in the background on macOS, an increase in efficiency of 8 percent can be achieved. Google underlined that thanks to the improvements made, Macs can run quieter and cooler.

Using a more advanced memory parser for Windows and Android, Google can thus increase the responsiveness of the browser as well as reduce memory usage. On the Windows side, memory savings reach 22 percent, while overall responsiveness increases by 9 percent.

While the memory usage in Chrome’s Android application decreases by 5 percent, the startup speed also increases by 5 percent. It is stated that the page loading speed will increase by 8.5 times on phones running Android 10 or higher versions with 8 GB or higher RAM capacity.

Google promised similar performance increases in versions before Chrome 89. For example, Chrome 87 version released at the end of last year was defined as “the version that showed the biggest performance increase in recent years”.


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