The new gameplay of Doom 4 Shows How Different the reboot Could have Been

Early footage of the gameplay of Doom 4, which eventually became the 2016 reboot under the simple name Doom, demonstrates a completely different sci-fi destruction of demons. The multi-year franchise of first-person shooters has existed for several decades, starting from the original 1993 game and ending with the newest release of the series Doom Eternal. Although there have been rumors recently about a new Doom game from id Software, a new documentary by Noclip demonstrates what the series could become in 2016.
Original games Doom are considered the pioneers of the first-person shooter genre, as they have opened up new horizons, allowing players to explore a three-dimensional environment and own an arsenal of powerful weapons. After Doom 3, which focused more on Survival Horror than action, the long-running series received a reboot in 2016 under the simple name Doom. This game brought the franchise back to its origins, focusing on aggression, speed and reflexes as players cross Mars and tear apart the invading demons. This game led to a direct sequel, Doom Eternal 2020, which brought the battle to Earth with even faster and fiercer combat. The storyline that began in Doom 2016 seemed to have ended in the Doom Eternal DLC The Ancient Gods, but this hellish reboot could have been a completely different game.
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A new video from the Noclip documentary games channel on YouTube shows early footage of Doom 4 before it became the 2016 reboot of Doom. The project has a lot in common with the final version, including a dynamic shootout and brutal melee killings, but the design of levels and enemies is much more mundane than in the 2016 game. Players would obviously use modern firearms rather than powerful sci-fi weapons, and the action seems to take place on Earth rather than Mars. Overall, the Doom 4 prototype seems to have taken inspiration from other popular shooters such as Call of Duty and Gears of War, while the final version of the game reverted to the infernal sci-fi aesthetic of the original Doom games.
While many fans are waiting for the next Doom game, rumors suggest that a new Quake game from id Software is currently being developed instead. The first part of the series of first-person shooters, released in 1996, is based on the foundation laid by Doom, and creates a completely original experience. Improved graphics and gameplay have helped this game stand out, and its impressive online multiplayer features are still being celebrated. Quake has received several sequels in which the franchise explores various settings, ranging from medieval fantasy to futuristic science fiction. Many fans believe that id Software will soon relaunch the Quake series, similar to how it rebooted Doom in 2016.
Doom 2016 successfully rebooted the legendary franchise, returning to its roots based on the fast-paced sci-fi killing of demons. However, the gameplay footage of Noclip shows that initially the game was much more harsh and mundane, like popular shooters of the past. Although this vision of the game looks interesting, the final version of Doom 2016 is much more unique and memorable.