The new game for Nintendo Switch has become one of the games of the year with the highest rating


The recently released Return to Monkey Island game for Nintendo Switch and PC has become one of the most popular games of the year. The cumulative rating of the game in reviews currently has an overall rating of 90, and although the rating can fluctuate very much, it should still remain one of the most popular games of the year for PC and Switch, no matter what.

Return to Monkey Island, the first all-new Monkey Island game since Tales of Monkey Island 2009, is considered the last installment of the long-running Monkey Island franchise. It is notable for the return of the creator of the series Monkey Island Ron Gilbert. Gilbert worked on the first two Monkey Island games, but subsequent games were created without his participation. Given this, it is not surprising that the action of “Return to Monkey Island” takes place after the events of “Monkey Island 2: LeChak’s Revenge”.

Despite the fact that “Return to Monkey Island” chronologically takes place after “Monkey Island 2”, and fans will only need to play the first two games of the series to understand the story, this will not contradict the canon established by later installments. This way Gilbert can complete the story he started in the first two games without stepping on the heels of those who liked later games like The Curse of Monkey Island and Escape from Monkey Island.

Back to the results of the Monkey Island review

Monkey Island games are generally considered to be among the best point-and-click adventure games on the market, so many may have expected Return to Monkey Island to receive high ratings in reviews. Reviewers highly appreciated the puzzles, script, plot and characters of the game, so almost everything that was so liked in the old games returns in the last part of the series.

This extremely positive reception may also help ease the fears of fans who were upset by the artistic style of “Return to Monkey Island,” although that remains to be seen. For the uninitiated: Angry Monkey Island fans verbally attacked Ron Gilbert after the gameplay of Return to Monkey Island confirmed that the new game will use an art style different from the previous games in the series. The insult was enough for Gilbert to close his personal blog in response.

The high ratings of “Return to Monkey Island” prove that the debate about the artistic style was exaggerated, and now the game joins the ranks of other famous games in the club 90 or higher for 2022, including hits such as Elden Ring from FromSoftware and other adventures in the genre of “point and click”. NORCO’s game. Again, it’s possible that the score for “Return to Monkey Island” will drop as more reviews are counted, but it should still remain pretty high on the list of games with the highest rating of 2022.


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