The New Forza Motorsport Will Bring A “Great Generational Leap” At The Physical Level


Forza Motorsport: The creative director of the new installment of speed from Turn 10 Studios specifies its final title and delves into the advantages of the new generation. The new Forza Motorsport will provide a “great generational leap” at the physical level, equivalent to the differences between the fourth and seventh installments of the saga. This was stated by the creative director of Turn 10 Studios, Chris Esaki, in a recent digital event dedicated to the next installment of Microsoft driving. In addition, the creative himself has confirmed that the final title of this new installment will be, simply, Forza Motorsport, as it was presented last year, without adding any number (it would touch 8) or subtitle, to emphasize that it is about “A whole new Forza Motorsport experience.”

Forza Motorsport: “a great generational leap”

Thus, and as the VGC portal collects, “the changes we have made from Forza Motorsport 7 until now are greater than the changes we made from 4 to 7. It is basically a huge generational leap that comes as part of the game,” he says the creative. In this sense, Esaki comments on a couple of aspects in which a difference will be made, such as the impact of curbs on the circuits and how the tires interact with the asphalt.

“In the past, our curbs were often considered somewhat rough or unnerving, and I think that has changed radically. They can be approached with confidence and I think the in-game tests have confirmed this. As simple as it is, the curbs are night and day compared to what they were in the past ”, referring to previous installments of the driving saga.

In the same sense, he talks about the behavior of the tires, multiplying the contact points with the asphalt by eight, something that directly influences the behavior of the car on the track. “We are working on aspects such as the temperature of the track and how it affects aspects such as grip, tire pressure and tire wear,” says Esaki. To all this he adds the impact of the weather and the day-night cycle, aspects that have a greater influence on the wear and behavior of the wheels.

Finally, the creative of Turn 10 Studios reaffirms that the final title of the game is Forza Motorsport, without any number behind it, thus demonstrating that this new installment offers “a whole new Forza Motorsport experience”.