The new Ford cars will work under Android Auto


Since the iPhone hit the market, the era of smart devices began, which transcend beyond the home or office and even reach the cars we drive. Today there are several manufacturers and automobile brands that mount operating systems in their vehicles and models. Like Ford, which has announced an agreement with the giant Google so that its future cars work under the Android Auto OS.

Ford and Lincoln with Android Auto

Present in several car brands, Android Auto will also become part of Ford, as the company and Google have signed a joint agreement “to create unique services and capabilities for Ford and Lincoln customers, and to accelerate the plan of transformation of Ford ”. As part of this new six-year partnership, beginning in 2023, new Ford and Lincoln vehicles of all price ranges will be equipped with Android, with built-in Google apps and services, such as the following:

With the Google Assistant, drivers can keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel, getting things done by giving voice commands.
With Google Maps as the primary vehicle navigation, drivers can reach their destination faster with real-time traffic information, automatic detours, lane guidance, and more.
With Google Play, drivers will have access to their favorite apps for listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and much more. These applications are optimized and integrated for use in the vehicle.
Android in the car also enables Ford and third-party developers to build apps that provide an ever-improving and increasingly personalized ownership experience.

Google cloud

As its cloud provider, and beginning later this year, Google will help Ford leverage the AI, ML, and data analytics technologies from Google Cloud to accelerate the automaker’s digital transformation, modernize operations, and leverage technology technologies. vehicles connected with Google’s trusted, secure and reliable cloud. With Google Cloud, Ford plans to:

Further enhance customer experiences with differentiated technology and personalized services
Accelerate the modernization of product development, manufacturing and supply chain management, including exploring the use of vision AI for training of manufacturing employees and even more reliable performance of plant equipment
Accelerate the implementation of data-driven business models that allow customers to receive real-time alerts, such as maintenance requests or exchange alerts.

And what about Apple CarPlay?

This agreement will make Android Auto the featured and default system for the Ford and Lincoln, but what about the alternatives? What happens for those who want to opt for other OS like Apple’s CarPlay or Amazon’s Alexa? According to the company, there will be no need to worry, as they will continue to support CarPlay and Alexa.


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