The new Firefox on Android looks like: App redesign


As we always say, the key to success in a mobile application is to be constantly updated, improved and always looking for news that makes it stand out.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the main web browsers, and if you are one of those who use it through its app on an Android mobile, here is the new redesign that has been put into the application.

Mozilla Firefox app for Android

Mozilla has presented the redesign of its Firefox browser for Android that introduces innovations focused on improving privacy, browsing speed and personalization of the user experience:

– A search bar with the new adjustment option that allows you to locate it at the top of the screen or at the bottom

– A function to organize tabs by groups (collections) and customize them

– An improvement in anti-crawling protection, to “surf the Internet as if no one was watching”. This improvement has been established by default with the new redesign, although it can be modified in the configuration settings.

– An optimization in the Firefox engine, to make it faster when loading pages, and has support for the most popular extensions.

Among the other new features and improvements, the new app includes modes to “accompany the user’s mood”, such as dark mode, light mode or private mode. These new features are available in the latest version of Firefox for Android, v.79, which the company has begun rolling out this week.

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