The new Firefox for Android comes fast and personalized


Mozilla started on Tuesday (25) to release the new version of the Firefox browser for Android. The build is called “Firefox Daylight”, has a series of novelties and, according to the developer, marks the renaissance of the platform in the Google operating system.

The user interface has been completely redesigned to be cleaner and minimalist, as well as customizable – you can even place the address bar at the bottom of the window, if you prefer. Collections, which are the sets of Favorites, have been added together with the Picture-in-Picture mode and the standard night mode applied to all supported pages.

All of this should work very quickly, with Mozilla’s own engine, GeckoView.

And extensions?

The famous extensions are there, including an ad blocker, but the variety is still low. Mozilla’s promise is that new options will be added over time.

In terms of security, it was based on some functions present in Firefox Focus, the mobile browser specifically focused on privacy.

This includes both Anonymous Mode and enhanced protection against tracking, all of which are adjustable according to the user’s preference.

Mozilla must bet heavily on popularizing this revamped browser – the company is undergoing restructuring to find innovative projects and new forms of monetization, even going so far as to carry out a massive layoff in August 2020.


Who has Firefox installed on Android should soon receive the new update. It is gradually made available to certain regions, starting in Europe and, in the coming days, also reaching the United States. If you don’t already have the app installed, you can download it here or via Google Play Store.

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Those who do not want to wait and have not yet received the option to upgrade can resort to directly downloading the APK of version 79 of the browser.


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