The new final teaser of the third season of The Boys promises “Shock and awe”


The third season of The Boys has done a professional job of whipping up tension in all directions. Judging by the release of his latest teaser, it looks like they are nearing an epic climax.

From the inclusion of the fallen Soldier Boy badge to the Homelander losing his mental stability every minute, to the Boys themselves divided in the middle, Season 3 brings conflicts at every turn. All that matters now is whether the show can sustain a landing as it approaches the season finale.

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On the show’s personal Twitter account, The Boys gave a 28-second teaser of what will be in the upcoming season finale. In the end, he doesn’t reveal much of what’s to come, but sets the stage for the final battle between the show’s main characters. The teaser first shows the Black Noir in the Vout Tower sharpening his sword, and the Homelander tells him that no matter how long he sharpens it, he won’t hurt the Boy Soldier in the slightest. Then we get a split second showing each main character when Huey says: “We have to save everyone. Even if they don’t deserve it. Especially if they don’t deserve it.” Two frames in the teaser show Billy Butcher and Homelander fighting in the final battle between two deadly enemies once and for all.

Many will wonder who exactly Huey is talking to and who exactly is he saving someone from? Homelander’s public image may have just been destroyed once and for all now that he confessed on camera that he killed Supersonic and that he would kill Huey next if Starlight didn’t follow his rules. Also, now that it’s been revealed that the Soldier Boy is actually the Homelander’s biological father, perhaps the two of them will team up to destroy everyone in Wout, given that Wout has betrayed both of their trust too many times to count. It can also serve as a reminder that, despite Huey’s questionable choice in “Boys,” at heart he is still a hero who wants to do the right thing and knows when to draw the line.

There is so much for everyone involved. Even though Homelander is getting less and less stable every day, he just discovered that maybe he wasn’t all that lonely at the top. The Combat Soldier still has one former member of his team to attack-Black Noir, whom he disrespected and would attack if he fell out of line. Butcher has just realized that taking the drug V-24 is destroying his brain, but hides this information from Huey as they try to get rid of Homelander once and for all. Starlight is still trying to expose Wout while Frenchy and Kimiko are struggling with what they want out of life.

Whatever happens, it looks like the finale of the third season of “Boys” will have long-term consequences for the story itself. Too much has happened to return to the previous state. Don’t be surprised if one or more characters that viewers have come to know over the past three seasons die in the finale. There is too much at stake from different sides for everyone to stay alive at the other end. If this happens in the end, then the series may lose the respect of its viewers.

The finale of the third season of “Boys” will be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video on July 8, 2022.