The new feature of the iPhone 14 series has angered the police!


The new crash detection feature introduced in the iPhone 14 series introduced last month has repeatedly sent false notifications to law enforcement agencies.

Apple, one of the successful players in the smartphone market, presented the long-awaited iPhone 14 models at the Future Time event, which took place on September 7. Perhaps for the first time in its history, the company has made the differences in design and technical features between the standard and Pro models so obvious. In addition, one of the biggest innovations in this series was the crash detection function.

Given the concept of the function, it is very useful and determines whether users have been in a traffic accident, and makes an emergency call if the user does not respond within 20 seconds. However, after various recent events, question marks began to appear in the minds that the function in question was not working very well.

iPhone14 Crash Detection Feature Sends False Notifications to Police

High-speed trains, which are often preferred by people, have a structure that can make sharp turns, climb steep slopes and sometimes increase the level of adrenaline with the help of an elevated railway designed with coups. However, it seems that the iPhone 14 series, introduced last month, is not very suitable for such devices.

The iPhone 14 Pro of a woman riding the Mystic Timbers roller coaster at Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio automatically repeatedly called law enforcement agencies during the trip and reported the accident. At the moment, the new feature sent an incorrect notification to the 911 emergency service six times, which included the phrase “The owner of this iPhone has been in a serious car accident and is not answering calls” and the location of the woman.

After these notifications, when emergency services went to the scene, he was shocked to see that nothing had happened to the woman. Of course, this incident briefly became a hot topic on social media. In fact, under a Reddit post on this topic, dozens of users replied that the same situation had happened to them.

What is Apple Crash Detection?

Apple has introduced accident detection with a new dual-core accelerometer that can detect up to 256G of G-force measurements, and a new gyroscope with extended dynamic range.

The iPhone 14 series can detect a serious car accident and automatically call emergency services when the user is unconscious or unresponsive. Apple claims that more than 1 million hours of real driving and collision data were used to develop this technology.


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