The new Destiny 2 Bonus is a step towards independence from Artifact mods


The season of Ghosts Destiny 2 introduced a completely new patrol area in the form of an abandoned Leviathan, the star-eating ship Kalus, now filled with loyalist clones, and the fungal infection Egregor, which struck the Glycon from the Prediction mission in season 13. Along with Leviathan, several weapons from the “Abundance” season have returned to Destiny 2 with a new set of benefits, including fan-favorite combos such as Outlaw and Rampage for Austringer or Snapshot Sights and Moving Target for Beloved. However, several new perks have been added to the game in season 17, and one of them can mostly be found on the newly reproduced luxury weapon — an Incandescent Lamp.

Incandescent bulbs are now extremely desirable because of their synergy with the Solar 3.0 update and because overall it’s a fantastic choice for cleaning add-ons in all PvE game modes, as well as a great way to reveal the position of scorched enemies in PvP. Speaking of Scorch, what Incandescent does is Scorch nearby enemies when the main target dies from shots, which means they will take damage over time in Scorch, as well as activate various things like Ember of Singeing or work with Ember of Ashes. This synergy didn’t really happen with Void 3.0 perks, but instead it came from seasonal mods like Suppressing Glaive or Volatile Flow, and Destiny 2 needs more weapons with this type of trait.

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Why Destiny 2 Needs More Benefits like an Incandescent Lamp

Seasonal mods in Season of the Risen were a great addition to creating Void 3.0 builds, but they suffered the same fate as all seasonal mods in Destiny 2 history when Season 16 came to an end. Then Season of the Haunted introduced a new set of bright mods for the Solar 3.0 update, and although it makes sense for Bungie to try new things with artifact mods and weapon perks, it is important to emphasize the constancy of Incandescent in the game now, when rolling up weapons is no longer the same.

Incandescent will not disappear when the season “Ghosts” moves into the 18th season, which means that its interactions that allow you to build will remain even after the release of Arc 3.0, because this bonus is not tied to the seasonal model. This makes a big difference when it comes to building in Destiny 2 because it allows players to feel the stability between all the moving parts in the current sandbox, and while the incandescent bulb may still undergo changes in the future, it’s nice to see that it remains. for the benefit.

The fact that so many Destiny 2 builds end up depending on seasonal mods is expected because its meta is constantly changing, but reducing this degree of dependence may ultimately benefit the game. Continuity is not something Destiny 2 players expect anymore because of all the sandbox changes that are being made both in the middle of the season and at the beginning of the new season, and this once again confirms the idea that perks like Incandescent should become more common. Seasonal mods should never become decisive for the build, because they are intended to be temporary additions to the game, while weapon perks can and should do this more often.

In Season of the Haunted, a similar pattern is observed with new wonderful perks, such as Repulsor Brace, which do not add complex layers to the existing mechanics, but rather easily introduce them into the gameplay and are generally stunningly diverse. On the other hand, Incandescent Light has a greater depth due to the fact that Burn damage increases due to several sources, such as a Source of Power and Radiance. Thus, Incandescent should not be the embodiment of the uniqueness of Destiny 2 perks, but rather the first step towards independence from seasonal mods.

Destiny 2 is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.