DC’s New Justice League Is Complete as a Shocking Leader Takes Control


Attention: spoilers for Dark Crisis #2!

A new Justice League has emerged after the deaths of some of DC’s greatest heroes, but Black Adam is already fighting to become a leader. In DC Comics’ Dark Crisis #2, Black Adam not only tells John Kent’s Superman that he is not ready to lead the team, but also says that he was also wrong in his previous choice, Nightwing, fixing the slack. The antihero appoints himself leader, saying that his “burden” is to lead the Justice League.

The Justice League was “killed” in the recent battle to protect the Multiverse, when Pariah and the Great Darkness sent the heroes to different realities. Instead, John Kent’s Superman formed a new Justice League, which included a strange set of heroes and villains, such as Blue Beetle, Aquaman, Booster Gold, Doctor Light, Frankenstein and Harley Quinn. While Kent does his best to lead the Justice League, Black Adam summons the hero again, while at the same time presenting himself as the new leader of the team.

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In “Dark Crisis #2” by Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere, Alejandro Sanchez and Tom Napolitano from DC comics, Superman and Nightwing fight against Detstroke, Cyborg Superman and his army while the villain levels the Titans Tower. When the dust settles, Black Adam arrives at the scene and calls John Kent for not being ready to lead the new Justice League. In addition, he tells Nightwing that he was wrong about him and that the tragedy in the Tower of Titans was his fault. Superman asks Black Adam why he doesn’t just lead the Justice League and go after Detstroke. The antihero says this is exactly what he plans to do, as he “has no choice but to agree with [Superman]…” while adding his “burden to lead this team.”

Black Adam sincerely believes that he is the only person capable of leading the Justice League. However, he was a member of the team for a short time, and only a short time on the list was filled with clashes with his fellow heroes. But as the only survivor of the Justice League’s demise, Black Adam, he wants to make sure the world is ready for any threat thrown in his way, even if it means carrying a “burden”┬ábe the new leader of the Justice League. The Justice League during the Dark Crisis.

While Black Adam may have risen in the rankings after the original Justice League members left, his ego and coldness may not make him a better team leader as the DC universe is in crisis. However, Black Adam is adamant about stepping into the role and guiding the Justice League in a difficult moment, even if it means making enemies of Superman and Nightwing.